List your Shop, Outlet, Store or E-commerce Platform

Are you opening a new shop, retail store, or e-commerce platform as part of your business expansion? This is always an exciting phase if you’re a business owner, and could well be a challenging time if you lack the resources, budget, or even the basics on how to promote your store, either online or offline. The objective of the BTS MARKETPLACE platform is to cover new retail stores, shops, and e-commerce businesses anywhere in the world. It also strives to connect new businesses with potential customers and clients, online and offline, through our networking and community meets.

A lot of brands are looking for franchisees, dealers, channel partners, and distributors: we can help them to find the right opportunity as and when it surfaces. Now, you know what it takes for a successful launch!


The BTS MARKETPLACE platform is proudly built by By The Startups, one of the biggest business communities, based out of the industrial and entrepreneurial city of Coimbatore in Tamilnadu. As a business owner, once you’ve set up your business accounts and completed the legal formalities, it’s time to promote your new shop, outlet, or store. Nevertheless, there are a number of proven marketing techniques and avenues for promotion including PR, email marketing, social media, SEO, radio/TV ads, email marketing, WhatsApp marketing, and many more. But we recommend a mix of PR and community-building techniques, and that’s precisely what we do at BTS MARKETPLACE.

The overall strategy is to adopt effective market visibility and make every penny count. We know what will work for you within a highly affordable budget for covering your new shop or store and watch it take off!

Disclaimer: As ethics demand, in spite of our rich digital marketing experience, we do not guarantee listed/featured companies/organizations with sales, leads, conversion, web traffic, or search engine rankings for keywords on the BTS MARKETPLACE platform whatsoever. What we also believe is the power of community that can refer businesses through online/physical meets and other community activities for enhanced visibility.

Note: BTS MARKETPLACE is a NO-FREE PLATFORM, and involves submission and renewal charges. Kindly Call/WhatsApp , or email us for enquires regarding business profile submission, or joining the BY THE STARTUPS Community. We will definitely get back to you with the charges, format, and process of submission.